Tony Ruggiero, a Top 100 instructor, is here to provide a behind the scenes look of what golf instruction on tour looks like. Cleveland Golf and Ruggiero want to bring that same, tour-caliber teaching to you with this series of golf tips aimed at improving your game.

Tony Ruggiero is back in Tour Coach to give you a behind the scenes look at the wedge fitting process. Ruggiero describes how he likes to start in close to the green to fit players with the right sole and bounce to help any player lower their scores.

Introducing Tour Coach with Tony Ruggiero and Cleveland Golf. In this episode, Ruggiero describes how choosing the right wedges for your game starts in the bunker, where the right wedge can help you get out of the sand with ease.

Top 100 instructor Tony Ruggiero goes in depth on how to properly get fit for wedges and fill in the gaps in your short game. Watch as Ruggiero works through the process of putting the right wedges and the right short game tools in your bag.